How To Change And Track Comments in Microsoft Word 2016

To turn on Track Changes:

  1. From the Review tab, tap the Track Changes summon.turning on Track Changes
  2. Track Changes will be turned on. Starting here on, any progressions you make to the report will show up as shaded markups.

tracked changes in a document

Assessing changes

Followed changes are extremely just proposed changes. To wind up changeless, they should be acknowledged. Then again, the first creator may differ with a portion of the followed changes and reject them.

Track Changes seeing choices

On the off chance that you have a great deal of followed transforms, they may progress toward becoming diverting in case you’re attempting to peruse a record. Luckily, Word gives a couple of approaches to modify how followed changes show up:

  • Straightforward Markup: This demonstrates the last form without inline markups. Red markers will show up in the left edge to demonstrate where a change has been made.
  • All Markup: This demonstrates the last form with inline markups.
  • No Markup: This demonstrates the last form and shrouds all markups.
  • Unique: This demonstrates the first form and shrouds all markups.

To cover up followed changes:

  1. From the Review tab, tap the Display for Review summon. The Display for Review order is situated to one side of the Track Changes summon.

clicking the Display for Review command

2.Select the coveted choice starting from the drop menu. In our illustration, we’ll select No Markup to review                   the last form of the report before tolerating the progressions.

hiding markup


Now and again you might need to add a remark to give criticism as opposed to altering a report. While it’s regularly utilized as a part of blend with Track Changes, you don’t really need Track Changes swung on to include remarks.

To include comment:

  1. Feature some content, or place the addition point where you need the remark to show up.selecting text
  2. From the Review tab, tap the New Comment order.adding a comment
  3. Sort your remark. When you’re set, you can close the remark box by squeezing the Esc key or by clicking anyplace outside the remark box.the added comment

To delete comments:

  1. Select the remark you need to erase.selecting a comment
  2. From the Review tab, tap the Delete summon.deleting a comment
  3. The remark will be erased.

deleting all comments at once








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