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Office Product is an Application Software for Microsoft Windows & Mac IOS which is used for processing official as well as personal documents (download office from www.office.com/setup). Microsoft Office Package consists of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneDrive, Outlook, SharePoint etc. Office 365 is actually a Web based version of Microsoft Office Suite. It was basically designed for large scale sectors & organizations for Business purposes. It has an advantage of Cloud based technology, thus enabling its user to store every single piece of information or work done on Cloud Storage. So in future, if you loose any data from your computer, you can recover it from Microsoft’s Cloud Storage. Download Microsoft Office and Get Most out of Office 365 & Office 2016 and accomplish your dream projects with endless possibilities. Microsoft Office Package consists of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneDrive, Outlook, SharePoint etc. You can download Microsoft office from www.office.com/setup

Microsoft Office Setup  Products

Office com setup


Use Microsoft Word to Create, View and Edit documents on your Computer or Smart Phones



Use Microsoft Excel to Create, View and Edit Spreadsheets. Use Excel Formulas for automatic calculations across rows or colums 



Create, View, Modify or present your presentation. Store your presentation on Cloud and access them any where in the world



Create your own database apps easily in formats that serve your business best. Start fast with database templates



Store your files and documents on OneDrive. Work together online on Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. and access them from anywhere



Microsoft Outlook provides you a web-based suit of email service that combines email, tasks, calendar and other services all in one place

Microsoft Office Installation and Activation Process (www.office.com/setup)

  • The first point is all about the Microsoft account. For the office installation, account in the Microsoft is necessary. Without Microsoft account, customers cannot get the file of office setup. If you are a new user and wants to create an account, then there are two options. You can create an account with the existing email address of third party email address providers or simply you can create new one. You can create new one which can end with hotmail.com, outlook.com, live.com and many more.
  • Microsoft office key is available on online stores or you can buy from best buy or from staples. Once you have the key card, you can find an area that is covered with silver coating. Under this coating is a 25 digits product key. You have to scratch that area to reveal the full 25 digits key.
  • Now lets start the third step which is very important. Once you are good with the about two steps, you have to go to a website. Open your browser and type www.office.com/setup in the address bar that is located in the top side of the windows.
  • Once the www.office.com/setup opens, you will see a page where two options will be displayed. One is “sign in” with your Microsoft account and other is “create an Microsoft account”.
  • Now sign in to your Microsoft account. You will see a where you have to put your 25 digits product key . You have to be careful here and double check your key when you are done.
  • When the key matches the database in the Microsoft servers, you will see the country and language option automatically selected by the browser.
  • Click on Next, You will be guided to a page where you have to select the install option.
  • After clicking on the install button, a popup will be displayed at the bottom of the page with three options that are Run, Open & Cancel.
  • Click on Run and grant it all the permissions which are needed for the installation.
  • Now the downloading and installation of files will start. MS Office setup contains Microsoft Word, Microsoft  Excel, Microsoft  PowerPoint, Microsoft One Note, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher. Once office setup will complete downloading and installation of Microsoft Office on your computer, you will have the option to see demo or click finish if you are familiar with the usage of MS Office365 or MS Office 2016.

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